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I own 127.85 acres of rural land in Warren Co, GA. I had all

Customer Question

Hello. I own 127.85 acres of rural land in Warren Co, GA. I had all of the timber cut in 2013 and paid a timber tax of $5000. Since then the county has increased the fair market value and now taxing me more than adjoining comparable property. I tried to sell the property via auction two months ago and no one met the reserved price of $65K. I also learned that the county has "abandoned" the property and does not maintain the road to the property. I am trying to do a tax appeal that is due today. I understand the elements of an appeal, but I need to know how to adjust the value due to the timber cut, the prperty not selling for $65K and the property being abandoned by the county. Thanks
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Robin D. replied 11 months ago.


You should be basing your appeal on UNIFORMITY: Does the property value compare with the value of similar properties? You already stated that the adjoining property is taxed a t a lower rate.

Unless the adjoining property has been placed under conservation use, then the value would be an issue.

Standing timber is not taxed until sold or harvested, then they tax it based on 100 percent of its fair market value. If you did not replant the timber is no longer there to add to the value. Real property is defined as land and generally anything that is erected, growing, or affixed to the land.

You can use the following site and search for tax values for at least 3 similar properties to show the valuation is too high for your property.

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