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How will I wait IRS to reply to my penalty abatement

Customer Question

How long will I wait for the IRS to reply to my penalty abatement request?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Robin D. replied 11 months ago.


When you make a request to have a penalty abated then they generally accept your payment and interest then your account reflects $0 balance due. Sometimes (3 - 4 weeks) later a letter is sent requesting the penalty amount like no abatement was even requested. You can at that time call the number on the notice and remind them that you requested abatement.

I have had this happen for clients in the past. The agent then processed the request on their end and that was it.

They do not generally send a letter to advise that the abatement request was accepted. You either do not hear back or you get the letter asking for the amount.

As long as you paid the tax and the interest you can request an account transcript to see if you still have a balance but I would wait at least 5 - 6 weeks after the abatement request is made to get that.

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Expert:  Dr. Fiona Chen replied 11 months ago.

Hi, just a follow up. To a certain degree that they have to touch the paper work every 30 days. So, they will give you a response every 30 to 60 days. Sometimes, our requests can be thrown away. A lot of people do not know that there is no deadline to request penalty abatement. For one penalty abatement, I advised my client to send in requests and she did it like 5 times. It was on a S corp late filing penalty. Eventually, the IRS gave her half and half. That is they settled with 85 dollars of abatement. If you have the notice they asserted the penalty, it is always easier to make sure some one will respond because the letter of notice has the number of the employee working on the issue. Larger penalties will get response more likely than the small one. I have a client got an abatement of 17,000, i.e., excise tax on under withdraw of IRS account. The 87 year old under my suggestion and with her invention of new words. She sent in and got rejected several times until probably a manager found out about this and just abate the whole thing in the last minute and round.


Fiona Chen, MPA, Ph.D., CPA, ABV, CFF, CITP

Expert:  Dr. Fiona Chen replied 11 months ago.

p.s. IRA account, not IRS account.

Expert:  Robin D. replied 11 months ago.


I am the original expert that responded.

Please advise what other information you require.

Thank you

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