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My husbands filed our tax returns I believe

Customer Question

My husbands filed our tax returns I believe under Tax Act and refused to put half of it into my account and I have to beg and fight him each year for it. Can you tell me if it is in his bank yet? I am so tired of fighting with this man, I can't tell you how awful my life is. I never authorized him to do this at all and how he can sign and get my money of which I get very little to live off of. I have to live off my SS and he has a big healthy check each month that I am entitled to and I do not get one red cent of it. Please tell me what to do. I would walk out right now if I could. He owes me so much money and has never paid me back a cent. I should be able to get my own money without his hands being on it much less, his account. He took our joint account and took it all out and put in his name only 4 years ago, but he I have always had to fend for myself and feed and cloth our 4 children while he wines and dines whom ever he pleased.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Lev replied 1 year ago.
First of all - you may verify the status of your refund on the IRS website. you will know exactly when the money are deposited..For future - to avoid such situations - you may ask to divide your refund and make direct deposits into two different accounts.Splitting your refund is easy. You can use your tax software to do it electronically. Or, use IRS’ Form 8888, Allocation of Refund if you file a paper return. Just follow the instructions on the form. If you want IRS to deposit your refund into just one account, use the direct deposit line on your tax form.