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I got an assessment bill from New York state dept of tax

Customer Question

Hi, I got an assessment bill from New York state dept of tax for $39,000, the taxes owed are only $13K, but they charged me this ridiculous amount in penalties, bringing the amount up to $39K. I have literally spent hours on the phone with them, and the number they give me to call to discuss (they said it was the long island regional office) just has a voicemail and I have not heard back. Is there any way I can get this rectified without paying thousands of dollars for a tax lawyer, that I really can’t afford? How can they charge me these kind of penalties when I have never been contacted prior to this bill? In addition, they said they had to review my account for a pay plan, I have nowhere near this amount of money so what would happen if I got declined for a pay plan? If I don’t have the money and cant have a pay plan what would they expect me to do? Also, how do they determine the amount I would have to pay monthly if I do get approved? Thank you for any guidance, dealing with them is extremely frustrating and time consuming.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  PDtax replied 1 year ago.
Hi from just Answer. I'm PDtax. There are a number of issues that might impact your ability to negotiate relief, request it, or make the state reduce the total, but a review of your case will take some time, more than the amount deposited to review your case. I will post an Offer of Premium Service in which we can discuss your case, over the phone, and I will suggest alternatives to try. While this is typically not an area I can recommend "going it alone", I will offer you the time to discuss your case, and I will offer every dollar saving strategy that might be appropriate. Accept the Offer, and I will be available later tonight (after dinner). PDtax
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi, I appreciate your response but I cant afford this amount for a phone call, please refer my question to another expert, I would be willing to pay maybe a little more for some info, but can't afford this amount. Thanks