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A tax preparer filed my 2014 tax return last year and I had

Customer Question

a tax preparer filed my 2014 tax return last year and I had to verify my identity. The tax preparer says she cannot find my tax retur, can't I get into my turbotax acct, cannot remember the email she signed up to do the tax return and she is still saying that today! There's something off on my tax return. maybe an apartment number division of the ZIP code something as to where I cannot pass the verification process. They said I need to have a copy of my return with me to do the verification test again and even if go to the local irs office near me i still need my rerurn. I called the irs to receive a andnscript of it and I cannot get it because it hasn't fully started processing, because of the identity verification thing so technically there's no return to give, get it? So I contact the TurboTax which is the website that she prepared my taxes on and they told me that they can let me into my account if I can give him either my username for my email but I don't have/know either and the tax preparer says sge doesn't either. I want the IRS to pretty much cancel my pending 2014 return so I can refile it. What type of form would that be that I need to send them to request that?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Stephen G. replied 1 year ago.

Since the IRS hasn't "fully processed" (whatever that means) your 2014 return, & given the unusual circumstances surrounding your 2014 return, I think I'd just prepare & file a 2014 paper return. You can attach a note to the face of the return which indicates that you've been told that the IRS has been unable to "fully process" your return due to identity issues. You can state that the Tax Preparer did not furnish you with a copy of your 2014 return, nor does she have a copy of your return in her files as required by Circular 230.

You can't file an "Amended Return" as you don't have the original return in order to properly complete the 1040X.

You might remind the Tax Preparer that she is required by IRS Regulations (Circular 230) to furnish you with a copy of your return (did she do this?) AND she is required to maintain a copy of your return in her records, not in a Turbo Tax file. See what type of a response this brings.