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If 2 people sign a quit claim on an investment property they

Customer Question

If 2 people sign a quit claim on an investment property they own with 1 other person, will there be tax consequences tantamount to selling 2/3 of the investment property to the 1 person who will be left in the title.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Barbara replied 1 year ago.

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If the property is being transferred as a gift, the federal gift tax is applicable, and the tax is assessed on the fair market value of the property. Gifts over the annual exemption amount of $14,000 must be reported by each owner quitclaiming his/her interest, but are not taxable unless the lifetime exemption amount of $5.43 million has been met.

If the quitclaim deed is being used for the sale of a property, then the capital gains tax applies. The capital gains tax is calculated based on any profit from the sale, and each person would report his/her share of the sale.

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