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Alexander Haraczka
Alexander Haraczka,
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I paid my state and federal 2014 taxes. I received a

Customer Question

I paid my state and federal 2014 taxes. I received a collection notice on Dec 2nd, 2015 with a paper that said I owe the full amount of my taxes less deductions. I called the state, they informed me that I need to speak with the collection agency, it is out of there hands. I called the collection agency, they informed that yes I had paid my taxes but the state wants copies of my W-2 forms. I faxed them my W-2 forms. Stating to me I will see if the state will accept this. He calls later stating that they will be emailing me and mailing me a bill. I am concerned this is a scam, a collection agency for W-2 forms and I filed electronically. Please explain this to me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Alexander Haraczka replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is Alexander; thank you for posing your questions. I'm glad to help, but I'll need some additional information first.

1. Did you receive a notice from the New Jersey Division of Revenue, or was it another tax authority?

2. Did the phone number on the notice match the phone number on the NJ DOR's website?

It's unusual for a state DOR to send an account to collections: they have the power to subject your property to liens in order to secure their payment. Additionally, the states are able to confirm W-2 information through the IRS; however, you are required to have copies of your W-2 for the states.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
They said they sent me a bill on Sept. 2nd, but I did not receive it. I called the state, they told me they could not talk to me because it was out of there hands. I had to talk to the collections company, that only had a PO BOX number on the letter. I talked to the person today. Don't collection agencies deal with unpaid bills. Wanting a W2 form. Now they attached a 10% bill to the sum of 700.00. The reviews online are not good about this company, they usually go after unpaid student loads. Where else can I take this, I feel like it is a scam and now he has my W2 forms.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Would not the state send a certified letter requesting my W2 forms, they said they sent me a bill.
Expert:  Alexander Haraczka replied 1 year ago.

The state of NJ should definitely have sent you an initial notice of deficiency, followed up by a demand notice. It's very unusual that a collection agency would be involved. I would recommend going to the NJ DOR website, and calling them on the number there to ask about any notices/deficiencies. Find out from them exactly what's been sent and request another copy of the last notice. It does sound fishy; if NJ DOR isn't of help, I recommend contacting a tax attorney licensed to practice in your area for further assistance.

Please let me know whether I can be of additional help; if you're satisfied with the service you've received, please rate me as such. Thank you