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I have a W2g I received for $2000.00 However when I asked

Customer Question

I have a W2g I received for $2000.00 However when I asked for a win/loss statement from the casino they send me a winnings of $45,000.00 and wagers of 48,000.00 example with a loss of 6,877 I talked to the director of the casino and he said that is not actual money but their method do I use the win loss amounts on the 1040 line 28 and wager on sch a to itemize or the actual amounts I lost about $6,000.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Robin D. replied 1 year ago.


You can use your actual losses but only up to the $2000 of winnings reported on that W2g. You also need to have kept a log of your gambling so you can show that if audited.

The win/loss statement would not be enough.

You should report your wins on 1040 as they are reported on the W2g and on your Schedule A you can only claim up to your winning amount on the losses.

The above link is to show the IRS resource on this subject.

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