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My husband makes 1900 every 2 weeks after tax 60000 dollars

Customer Question

my husband makes 1900 every 2 weeks after tax for a 60000 dollars salary a year. he takes a 2 deduction. how much would he make if he were to take a 1 deduction and pay more tax? would it change for much he pays only in federal or would it increase all
of them? including state and the other deductions?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Tax.appeal.168 replied 1 year ago.

The number of allowances claimed on the W4 has an impact on federal, as well as state income tax withholdings. The number of exemptions claimed will not have an effect on other deductions. SEE BELOW:

The amount of income tax your employer withholds from your regular pay depends on two things.

  • The amount you earn.

  • The information you give your employer on Form W–4.

  • Form W–4 includes three types of information that your employer will use to figure your withholding.

    • Whether to withhold at the single rate or at the lower married rate.

    • How many withholding allowances you claim. (Each allowance reduces the amount withheld.)

    • Whether you want an additional amount withheld.

Note: You must specify a filing status and a number of withholding allowances on Form W–4. You cannot specify only a dollar amount of withholding.



In order to determine what his take home earnings would be if he claimed one, I suggest completing the withholding calculator at the following link. There are questions asked that I don't have the answer to.


For more details refer to the following link;

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
can you help me calculate how much would his paycheck be so that we can afford to do ths now or just do it at the end?
that is what i need?
a calculation
Expert:  Tax.appeal.168 replied 1 year ago.

By the way, if your husband claimed 1 deduction, this means that more will be withheld and his take home pay will be less. The more allowances claimed, the less that will be withheld. I will attempt to assist you. What state are you in?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Tax.appeal.168 replied 1 year ago.

A few more questions;

1) What is the frequency of his pay? Weekly, bi-monthly, monthly?

2) Are there any other deductions such as health insurance, etc.?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
he makes 60.000 a year
we live in ohio
it is just the two of us- no kids or other dependents
he gets paid bi-monthly
no other deductions- just the federal, state, medicare, city tax, social security
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
he currently claims a 2 for withholdings
we plan on claiming a 1 or potentially a 0 on withholding but we want to know how much would he make
Expert:  Tax.appeal.168 replied 1 year ago.

Based on the information provided, claiming 1 allowance, his take home pay would be $1,825.67

  • Bi-weekly Gross Pay $2,307.69

  • Federal Withholding $237.98

  • Social Security $143.08

  • Medicare $33.46

  • Ohio $67.50

Net Pay

I used the paycheck calculator at the following link;

Let me know if you require further assistance with this matter.

  • Net Pay $1,825.67

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
now please tell me for 2 and for 0?
what is the amount for 2? what is the amt for 0?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i will give you a great review
Expert:  Tax.appeal.168 replied 1 year ago.

The figures provided to you for 1 were for bi -weekly, not bi-monthly. The bi-monthly figures are listed below:

Claiming 1 allowance:

  • Semi-monthly Gross Pay$2,500.00

  • Federal Withholding$257.81

  • Social Security$155.00

  • Medicare$36.25

  • Ohio$73.12

  • Net Pay$1,977.82


  • Claiming 2 allowances:


  • Semi-monthly Gross Pay$2,500.00

  • Federal Withholding$232.81

  • Net Pay

  • Net Pay$2,003.87

  • Social Security$155.00

  • Medicare$36.25

  • Ohio$72.07

Claiming 0 allowances:

Net Pay

Social Security$155.00

  • Net Pay$1,977.82

  • Semi-monthly Gross Pay$2,500.00

  • Federal Withholding$282.81

  • Net Pay$1,951.76

    • Medicare$36.25

    • Ohio$74.18

    • I know that you wrote that his take home pay is $1,900 claiming 2 allowance. I am not sure why there is a difference of $103.87 claiming 2 allowances. Again, I used the paycheck calculator at the link that I provided to you previously.
Expert:  Tax.appeal.168 replied 1 year ago.

Ok, I see that the numbers got all screwed up in my previous answer. Let's try this again. Using the paycheck calculator, claiming O allowances, take home pay would be: $1,951.76, claiming 1 allowance: $1,977.82, claiming 2 allowances: $2,003.87.

In your initial inquiry, you indicated that his take home is $1,900 claiming 2. I'm not sure why the amount that I come up with is different from the $1,900. You can verify my numbers using the same calculator that i did at the following link:

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