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Last year I worked company is Missouri and they told me I

Customer Question

Hi. My name is***** year I worked for trucking company is Missouri and they told me I didn't have to pay state taxes except for in Michigan where I reside. this spring I received a tax bill from missouri feo $5000.00 when my account tried to fight it the resent a bill for $1200.00 which unpaid as they said they would just take it out of my account . so who is right on this issue. Please
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Tax.appeal.168 replied 2 years ago.

Hi Terri,

Based on the following information, as you had Missouri source income, and likely that income was over $600, you were required to file a Missouri tax return. SEE BELOW:

Nonresident - An individual who is not a resident of Missouri. A Missouri domiciled individual is considered a nonresident for tax purposes if the individual:

  1. maintains no permanent place of abode in Missouri;
  2. maintains a permanent place of abode elsewhere; and
  3. spends in the aggregate not more than 30 days of the taxable year in Missouri.

As a nonresident, you may be able to claim a Missouri income percentage, reducing your Missouri tax liability by taxing you only on your Missouri source income. Complete Form MO-NRI and submit a copy of your federal return and all W-2 form(s) with your Missouri return.



Typically when it is required that an individual file a return in multiple states, the state of residence provides the individual with a credit for income taxes paid to the non-residence state.

Let me know if you require further assistance with this matter. If not and I have satisfactorily addressed your inquiry, please take the required step needed to provide a positive rating. Doing so allows me to receive credit for assisting you today.