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I managed to find a response you wrote to a previous UN

Customer Question

I managed to find a response you wrote to a previous UN contractor which has helped me a lot! Our position is almost exactly the same - only the country is different - and I was in the UK for 34 nights only in 2014/15. For reference, I put the
answer you gave in that case below. The first question I have is more prosaic... I have been unable in Laos to get a good print-out from the HMRC website for 'Tax return 2015' and for 'Residence' [I printed out Self Employment (short) and Property in the UK
before I arrived, and those are printed perfectly). For 'Tax Return' and 'Residence' all of the writing is fully legible, but the boxes have not printed. Of course, I can see on the web where the box is, and make the relevant crosses and entries, but does
it matter that the paper copy does not show the boxes [as I have progressed so far with paper, and because i do not have a password ***** want to continue with paper return before October 31, not with the online service before January) thanks Hi - my husband
works as a contractor for the United Nations in Afghanistan. Are his earnings automatically tax exempt or does it depend how much time he spends out of the UK? He worked for them first for just 5 weeks in Jan/Feb 2014 but has been working with them all the
time since April 2014, only returning to the UK every 2 - 3 months for 10 - 14 days. I also need to know how to declare his income on his self assessment return. That is what I have had conflicting advice from HMRC about! Hi. If your husband is an independent
contractor, it is unlikely that he will be exempt from tax on his earnings from the UN. See the notes starting here and, in particular, RE2415. As far as the 2014 tax return is concerned, provided he didn't exceed the permitted number of days in the UK as
dictated by Table E on page 53 of RDR3 here between the date he started the contract in January/February 2014, he should qualify for split year treatment for 2013/14 under the statutory residence test rules which you can read about here and here. There are
some useful flowcharts here. As far as the 2014 tax return is concerned, complete the residence/remittance pages SA109 which you can find here. I would not include the UN earnings in the employment pages SA102. You should put a note in the white space explaining
who your husband works for and to ask for his case to be referred to the Business International, Tax Treaty Team for an assessment of his tax status. They will almost certainly ask for a copy of your husband's contract. I hope this helps but let me know if
you have any further questions. Ask your own Tax Professionals & Accountants question Customer reply 14 Jan 2015 Thanks for your reply. Wow this is complicated, especially for a lay person. I need to check exact number of days in UK in Jan/Feb 2014. So are
you suggesting that we don't insert UN earnings anywhere on the self assessment form and instead simply complete the residence/remittance forms and ask for referral? Re 2014/15 do we need to do anything specific or complete any forms in readiness for self
assessment next time round? Or would we tackle this once we have been referred? Thanks for your help. Marcie Tax Professional's response 14 Jan 2015 If your husband hasn't exceeded the number of days back in the UK between when he started the job and 5 April
2014 his UN earnings will be exempt from UK tax in any event. I don't include foreign earnings in my client's tax returns where they are non-UK resident. In your husband's case, I would mention them in the white space for notes. As far as 2014/15 is concerned,
wait until you have a decision from HMRC as to the tax status of the UN job.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Tax