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Reguarding Per-diem and other Government approved applicable

Customer Question

Reguarding Per-diem and other Government approved applicable rates Rates for travel in the calender year of 2014.
1. Background: Have Principal home(Condo),my formal residence in Florida which is rented out about 30/40 % of year when I am not in attendance. It is on a formal rental program operated by the condo association. Otherwise I am in MD. in a mother law sweet in my daughters house or visiting other children/grandchildren.
2. On May 25 2014 I experienced a mold and subsequent flooding problem. I traveled to Fl immediately to search and find Contractor to stop & fix the mold and repair and other wise start the process and fix necessary replacements & repairs etc. I also did some of the work myself and supervised the process. During this time the unit was mostly not occupieable . In fact I was able to return to Maryland during these periods.
My questions.
A. What is the gvm't approved perdiem rates for first and last travel days each trip?
B. What is the government approved daily rate while I was there (in Fl).
B.1. Rates for living?
B.2. Rates for food and other costs?
B.3 Other means to cover meals ,living etc. while attending and fixing things etc. ?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Robin D. replied 2 years ago.

The GSA rate you require is very city and area specific not just the state. The rate could be from $87 - $187 for lodging.
Meal rates too are area specific, from $46 - $71 per day.

You can use the following link to check your Florida specific rate

On the first and last travel day, Federal employees are only eligible for 75 percent of the total M&IE rate for their temporary duty travel location (not the official duty station location).