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Is installation labor taxable in Dade County florida if no exemption is presented to contr

Customer Question

is installation labor taxable in Dade County florida if no exemption is presented to contractor
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Lev replied 2 years ago.
Generally, when installing or repairing tangible personal property, parts and labor are taxable. If the job is “labor only” it is not taxable, but the repairer must document that no parts or other items were incorporated into or attached to the repaired item.Examples of Tangible Personal Property• Carpets (except those that become real property) and rugs• Drapes, curtains, blinds, shades, or slipcovers• Equipment used to provide communications services installed on a customer’s premises• Garbage can receptacles• Household appliances (except “built-in” appliances)• Lawn markers• Mail boxes• Mirrors, except those that become real property• Portable ice machines and refrigerators• Precast clothesline poles• Radio and television antennas• Stepping stones• Window air-conditioning units
Expert:  Lev replied 2 years ago.
Contractors and manufacturers who provide and install items of tangible personal property are considered to be retail dealers and:
• Should buy the materials tax-exempt for resale.
• Should charge sales tax on the full price, including installation, materials and any other charges.
See for reference
Let me know if you need any clarification this matter.