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Category: Tax
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I am one of the clients Harvey Cage's did tax returns for.

Customer Question

I am one of the clients Harvey Cage's did tax returns for. I have been audited and I am 6 months into the process of an OIC. This has been a horrific experience for my family including other clients and their families as well.
At this point, is there enough grounds to seek damages from his malpractice or enough liability for a class action lawsuit against Mr. Cage or is it ultimately our responsibility because we signed the 1040 forms?
A quick google search for Harvey Cage lawsuit will show the details about his practices, as well as, on the DOJ website.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Lane replied 2 years ago.
Hi,Yes, easily ... although I woud wait until Justice has completed the suit and obtined a result (VERY likely impending) His not EVEN getting a PTIN on the tax returns he prepared, in violation of federal law, will VERY likely ensure success (along with his rediculous use of the FEIE (Foreign Earned Income Exclision) where it wasn't warranted. This is very much like a tax preparer a client for of mine that made a "business" of exploiting the American Opportunity Education Credit for folks that didn't get their education from a federally qualified institution. I would ask for abatement of penalty for reasonable cause (that cause being the most available... reliance on a tax professsional) for any penalties caused ... and then, once Justice has a conviction ... Put together a class action for the damages caused by reliance upon this bad advice.
Expert:  Lane replied 2 years ago.
… just checking back in to see how things are going.
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