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The IRS filed my 2011 taxes last September after

Customer Question

Hi, The IRS filed my 2011 taxes for me last September after sending letters (notice that they will file SFRs) to my previous address which I did not receive until contacting them only recently. I tried to file 5 returns on April 15, 2014 (before the notice to file SFRs) and used my NEW current address, but because I'm an idiot I failed to sign the tax forms and they all came back to my present address. IRS now had my new address and never bothered my old roommates for additional mail. Scared of what to do, I then tried calling the IRS for the better part of 1000 hours and could never get help, tried a tax attorney but he wanted up front money and and said the process would take months.... So in March of 2015 I sent all five returns in along with a check covering what I owed minus what I was refunded, which broke down to: ***** ***** Refund 2615 2011 - I owed 4518 2012 - I owed 8333 2013 - Refund 3036 2014 - Refund 2901 (Efiled on 4/14) I also included a check for $8000 which was immediately cashed.

Shortly after I sent the documents in, I got a bill for $8000 dated after my payment was made, so I figured it was money they billed me for that they are about to receive and waited for the next bill.  Two weeks later I got another bill saying the refunds were applied and to pay them $3500 for 2012, which I figured were fines and was about to do.  BUT THEN today I received an INTENT TO SIEZE bill saying I owe $8808 for 2011!  My total tax bill for that year was 4518, and I already sent them 8000+(3036+2901 refunds).  My guess is that they didn't amend my tax returns and am using the SFR from 2011 as my return.  Everything I read said to file it immediately and it will be amended, but I'm not sure if that was the case.

I guess my question is, how do I know whether or not the return I submitted in 2011 is the one they are basing the bill on?  Also what do you think the best way to resolve this would be, calling the number on the IRS bill and talking with someone there?  I want to do the right thing, but don't want to pay what more than I should.  I have made many mistakes out of fear and sheer stupidity (missing out on 5600 in returns in 2009&2010 for starters), and would just like for everything to be cleared up.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Tax