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I'm writing a letter to the MN Dept. of Revenue

Customer Question

Hi, I'm writing a letter to the MN Dept. of Revenue concerning a sales and use tax final appeal. I have most of the information I would like to say, just looking for a sample letter to get some of the wording correct. Thank you, Kristi

I am going to attach a brief outline of what I have written so far.  If I could get any help with the answers and how to appropriately write them out, I would appreciate it.

Thank you,


My answers:


Schedule #1

Brief history:  the MN JDept of Revenue wants more detail related to repair work of real property.


I have pulled the original invoices to the ones in questions to provide more details of the sale.  I have also provided copies of the purchase orders concerning the real property from the customer the repair we did, what we worked on and if the customer charged and paid the appropriate sales tax to the end consumer.


Schedule #3

Brief history:  disputed items intended for resale through Crookston Welding and Machine.


I have provided pictures of the items in questions:  Brush Mower, strobe lite and the pay loader and will provide a value of those items and show they are still on our lot.


I have provided the invoices from Steffe’s Auction to show the items purchased and how they were entered into our inventory and how we calculate the market value (depending on the scrap prices we always have to re-evaluate and consider the original intention of these items.  We do not advertise and these items are not put into any type of paper listing to be sold.  These items are considered scrap and placed in inventory as I have where this is posted.  When buying these items we are looking for content (metal and copper) and we have to use and adjust how we figure these amounts.  These items are stripped down and valued at current prices and market value at the time it is purchased.  We have no way to show individual values of the specific items.  We have to weigh all items in bulk and determine a value based on weight.


I have included pictures of the Iron Crusher, THAT IS NOT BEING USED, and have provided invoice/sale copies of the other companies that have assisted in the crushing and the amounts we were paid less the cost of crushing and bailing.  This process of crushing and bailing was “hired out” and the crusher is not being used by Crookston Welding and Machine.  It was NEVER place in service here.


Schedule #5

Brief history: indicate the customer as well as the selling price for each item.


I have included pictures of the items we have in inventory.  We again do not have individual listings of these items in our inventory.  In our accounting system we have to re-evaluate values every year based on metal prices.  This is not a detailed accounting system and the cost is based on the amount of metal.


Schedule #6

Brief history:  provide copies of work orders and summary of work performed .


I have printed and provided the following original work orders outlining the work performed and who the work was done for.  I have attached individual tax exempt forms for the customers in question and any detail on the reasoning we are not charging tax on the labor that was done.  This work was not to create or fabricate any new products or material only to fix items for our customers that are tax exempt.  I have also attached any purchase orders and delivery of these items to another company and state that would allow this work to be tax exempt.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  PDtax replied 2 years ago.
Welcome to the site. I'm PDtax.
Your request dies not adequately describe the sales tax issues. Addressing them without that background would be of little value.
I propose that you send me the audit report, and allow me to draft responses.
I will send you an offer fir this service, along with a price for 1.5 his of professional time to do it. Accept, and i will work on this today.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I am not going to send the entire audit report. This requires too much time. I am going to ask for a refund. I described the basic issues and only asked for a review or better terminology for my answers. I did not even get a forty dollar answer. I am not going to send the whole audit and pay $410.00 dollars for all of this. I tried to give a brief history of the four issues and gave a portion of the information I am providing back to the revenue department. I was hoping for someone to just help with some direction or better terminology in answering them. I received nothing except a response asking for more money after 24 hours.