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Robin D.
Robin D., Senior Tax Advisor 4
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Experience:  15years with H & R Block. Divisional leader, Instructor
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Robin, the is a follow-up question (from my question to

Customer Question

hi Robin, the is a follow-up question (from my question to you yesterday). We moved to USA year 2000 and moved back to Europe 2011. We received our green cards 2004 and surrendered them in NOV 2014. nov we are doing our world wide tax declaration for 2014
and for the first time asked to do the FBar. in our previous con you told me you do not have to do the Fbar if you have surrendered your green card. Do we have to do the Fbar for 2014? and do we have to do the FBar for the following year 2015, as that will
be our first full year without green cards? What abut the world wide taxation? assuming we still own a house in US that we bought 2003 and are now renting out. Thank you, Eva
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Robin D. replied 2 years ago.
Yes, you still have to report that for 2014 because that is the year you surrendered the green cards.You would not be required to do that for 2015.Rental property in the US is US sourced so you will file a 1040NR for 2015 to report the rental. You will not need to continue with FBAR or FATCA as Non resident aliens for 2015.