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How long it takes to receive a Transfer Certiicate from the

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How long it takes to receive a Transfer Certiicate from the IRS after filing 706 NA?
How to speed up the process and get status on the application.

Lev :

Hi and welcome to our site!

The Transfer Certificate is normally issued within six to nine months.
The time frame for the IRS to process
-- an estate tax return is six to nine months.

-- the affidavit and supporting documents is 30 days from the time the IRS receives all necessary documentation.
You may add one week for mailing.
You may review the procedure here -
There is NO way to speed up the process and there is no established way to obtain the status.
You may call the IRS or may visit the local IRS office. However - the IRS representative will look into their computer and most likely will see the status "In Progress" and will inform you about that.

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Contact information regarding the Transfer Certificate (IRS Form 5173)

- the IRS SB/SE Estate Tax Group 1205, 820 First St., N.E.(UCP-CNN-730),

Washington, DC 20002-4243, U.S.A.;

telephone: (202) 874-1660; fax: (202) 435-5274.