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Robin D.
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out of town allowances and expenses

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Hi there could you please help me with out of town allowances and hotel.I work for my self If I work in lesotho what can I claim with no reciepts hotel allowance and food. The same questions for Angola, Mauritius, Botswana. Is it possible to least exspenses for all African countries.


And last local allowances in South Africa my home base

thanking you before hand for your help.


Kind Regards XXXXX XXXXX

Robin D. :

Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you today. I am a tax adviser with over 15 years of experience.
Although SARs does allow for "deemed expenses" for employees, it does not allow that for self employed. The deemed costs may only be claimed if an employer pays an allowance to an employee. A self employed person must claim the expenses in terms of section 11 of the Act (actual expenses).
Commission-earners and other taxpayers not in receipt of a specific allowance, who wish to claim costs for business travel, must base their claim on actual expenditure.
Recipients of a travel allowance from their employer may use the so-called "deemed cost" tables to submit their claim in cases where actual records have not been kept.

Robin D. :

I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX could advise differently.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Robin


All the work I do is for another company I dont get paid from the customer. I invoice the company i carried out the work for but i have not included any out of town allowances or expenses.


Could you let me know what the rates should be in all African countries and also local in South Africa



Best regards






Varying amounts per day for meals and incidental costs for travel outside the Republic depending upon the
country(ies) visited.
• R319 per day for meals and incidental costs for travel within the Republic.
• R98 per day for incidental costs only within the Republic.
I saw your rating but no further message from you. Not sure what the reason was.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robin

Thanks for the reply, It was helpful but is it possible you can give
me the out of town allowances for these countries

I dont know where to dont know where to find this information.

You would be allowed and allowance in those countries if you were resident there and had to travel. As you are not then you use the amount I advised before.
There is not an amount for you other than the amounts I stated before.
I really take exception to your rating as poor.
For instance, an employee based in Namibia, would not be taxed on certain amounts for housing provided by their employer.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My appologies for rating I did not know I even gave a rating. I am using the galaxy tab for the first time, again sorry about that.


I would like to know if for eg, I travel overseas to Botswana to work, what is the daily allowance that I can claim?






After a survey of both domestic and foreign hotel rates, the South African Revenue Service adjusted the tax rules with regard to daily allowances. The policy regarding daily expense rates has consequently been amended with effect 1 March 2013.
Botswana Pula 518
Angola US $ 322
Lesotho Rand 750
Mauritius US $ 106
Namibia Rand 835