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Hi,I am a UK citizen living in Spain trying to fill out th

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I am a UK citizen living in Spain trying to fill out th W-7 form for the US IRS. It states I need a certified copy of my passport from the issuing authority ie the UK consulate. Unfortunatley the UK consulate service no longer certifies passports (since Jun 2013).
Do/can I need to get it certified at a US consulate? If so do I require an apointment or just walk in?
Alternatively and preferably would a certified copy by a Spanish notary suffice?
Since the UK rules have changed and the US rules have not kept pace with those changes, I recommend that you bring a certified copy (by a Spanish notary), an uncertified copy, and your original passport to the US consulate. They will determine exactly what they require. Of course, bring the completed W-7 with you. Your original passport will be returned to you after it is examined. The additional cost for this will be minimal and will enable you to satisfy the requirements and your goals.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
That doesn't help that much as I was trying to avoid a trip to the consulate, a flight away.
I really wanted to know whether a certification by a Spanish notary would suffice, thus avoiding a painful trip to the consulate....
Since the US rules and UK operating procedures are in disparity, a Spanish notary certification "MAY" not suffice. In matters like this it is left to the discretion of US Consulate staff on location. Rather than making a long trip, try calling them first. You may be able to handle all this through the mail.
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