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Not an american citizen, I lived and work in the US some years

Resolved Question:

Not an american citizen, I lived and work in the US some years ago and have maintained a checking account with a debit card and 2 different credit cards from 2 different american banks. Now living in Italy, give consultant help to a Roman Catholic Diocese (I think it is considered as a non profit corporation). Every month, beginning March 2013, they have been paying my services sending a check on the mail to my bank, where they were regularly deposited. With that money I used to pay my things in Italy with the american credit cards. Eventually extract euros from any ATM from the account using my debit card. Now, I need to know if I have to pay taxes in the US and if the Diocese needs to send me some form of W-2 or similar. Thanks!
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Robin D. replied 3 years ago.
Hello and thanks for trusting me to help you today. I am a tax adviser with over 15 years of experience.
If yo are not a US person and do not perform services in the US then you are not liable for taxation in the US even if your wages are deposited into a US bank.
A nonresident alien (NRA) usually is subject to U.S. income tax only on U.S. source income.
For wages or salary that is where services are performed for nonresident aliens.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Great answer, just a detail: can you give me an example of what you mean with "on U.S. source income"?, because I certainly was not been paid as I was previously, each 2 weeks with a fix wages or salary, but now the checks are deposited in different dates during the month, for different amounts each month. Thank you if you can tell me something more.
Expert:  Robin D. replied 3 years ago.
Sourcing of income basically means where the income originates. For the income you are receiving from your service providing now that would be where you are performing those services.
It is not important how often you are paid but where you are performing the work when looking at US taxation for nonresident aliens.
The IRS has a chart which breaks down how the US sources income for nonresident aliens:

I would copy the chart here for you but for some reason formatting is acting up.
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