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My son has just received a Issuance of State Tax Execution

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My son has just received a Issuance of State Tax Execution for 1,449.63- he has been living with me since 2011 because of mental health issues.He doesn't know if he filed taxes in 2008 or if he did where the paperwork would be ,How do I proceed?

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The state tax execution could very well be for a return prepared by the state (or even the IRS) due to a lack of filing or it could be that he actually did file and has a balance due.


To proceed you should contact the telephone number listed on the letter. Once you get a real person explain the predicament and ask if the balance due has been calculated based on a non filing or if a return was actually filed. Include in your explanation of the circumstances his mental health issues. This will result is a somewhat more cooperative attitude from the tax agent.


If a return was filed request that a copy be sent to you so that you can make payment arrangements on his behalf. If a return was not filed you should ask how that tax due was determined and request documentation supporting the calculations.


If necessary copies of W-2 forms can be requested from the Social Security Administration ( and any other forms of income can be requested from the IRS ( The difference here is that W-2 information is sent, by the employer(s) to the Social SEcurity Administration and 1099 forms (interest, dividends, etc) are submitted by the payers to the IRS.


You should get a Power of Attorney signed by your son so that you can act on his behalf. You will need one for the IRS and one for the state. They can be obtained at the IRS web site noted above and the Georgia Department of Revenue web site at These forms will give the government agencies the ability to deal with you on this. Otherwise they may not speak with you since you are not the person involved.


Once you have all this feel free to return to me if further assistance is needed.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

As of right now he has no income to make payment arrangements.How do we get information regarding 401K if the investment company dont have any record of it?

If the investment company tells you they have no record of the 401(k) investment you should check with the sponsoring employer. Other than that there is no way to determine if there is any money there.

As to making a payment arrangement, if he has no income there is no payment arrangement to be made. However, the tax agency will put the entire matter on hold if you can satisfy them that there is no income to garnish and no assets to seize nd that he is receiving care for his condition and is presently unable to work. A letter from his health care provider will satisfy them as to his inability to work. He should also consider filing for Social Security Disability. This can be done at He may also qualify for Supplemental Security Income (also called SSI) available from Social Security as well.