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The IRS making me pay taxes for 2006 which I didnt work I

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The IRS making me pay taxes for 2006 which I didn't work I submitted a return for that year because they said i need one I submitted this on May 6 2013 and they said it would take 8- 12 weeks and its been 17 weeks now and I have to pay them 630 a month, I believe this is totally unfair, being that I didn't work in 2006 with 0 income.


Hi, Mel. Thank you for contacting me about your Tax issue. I will work hard to help you understand the issue clearly. If you did not have any income, then it would be impossible to owe any tax. Income can come from sources other than working.


You will need to contact the IRS at(NNN) NNN-NNNNor have a representative (such as an Enrolled Agent or CPA) contact the IRS for you. You will want to get a transcript of your account with the IRS, starting with the 2006 tax year.


You will need:

1. Transcript of Wage and Income documents: this will show what the IRS has received for your SSN.

2. Transcript of the tax return filed: This will show what you filed and changes made to your account by the computer

3. Transcript of your Account: This will show the historical record of all IRS balances posted to your account. You may discover with Item 1, for example, that the IRS has received 1099s with your name & SSN, or a W-2 with your SSN. This can happen of an illegal immigrant has used your SSN to work, for example. Or if you received income and just forgot about it.


When the IRS receives documents with your SSN and no tax return that matches, it assumes you are wrong and the IRS changes your return for you. If you did not file, the IRS assumes worst case scenario, meaning no dependents, you are not married, and you have no deductions. You have to dispute this if the IRS assumptions are wrong, otherwise the IRS can collect the tax based on its (errant) assumptions. Until you get these transcripts, it is impossible to determine the exact nature of your problem.


If you need help in interpreting these documents, feel free to ask us or your accountant for help.


Hope this helps you start the process of getting to the bottom of this.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes you are correct, I gave the IRS all that information also I gave them the

transcript from 2005-2011 and 2006 had 0.00 earned that year.



I would recommend visiting a tax professional who can review the documents you have and the IRS records directly, including the IRS correspondence.


The IRS does not demand $630 a month if there are no open balances.


There is information somewhere that you are not disclosing to me or that you do not have current information about.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok you are correct I'm not disputing what you're saying. I did go over this with my tax guy, he printed out all the necessary forms that showed I owed 0. So my question is they said it would take 8-12 weeks and its been 17 weeks with no answer. What do I need to do to get the answer from them, because I'm still paying $630 for something I don't owe. This amount was estimated tax owed because they went on what I filed the last couple years and did an estimate. 2006 I wasn't working and had 0 income. 2007 till present I've been at my current job.
The IRS does not work on the basis of "presumptive income". They either have knowledge of specific income and based a Substitute Return on this income, or something else is going on.

Without seeing your documents and having a Power of Attorney, I cannot delve into the specifics of your account.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK R. Klein, EA it's amazing that you are telling me that it has to be some that I'm not telling you, but you missing the whole thing If they had anything why is it taking them over 18 weeks to give me a answer to my tax filing for 2006 that says 0.00, the Transcripts are 0.00, my only question to you is what do I need to do, to get a answer from the IRS. I think that 18 weeks is not an exceptionable time for a business that demands we pay on time, that I've should have received something from them by now, there statement to me is, someone has it on their desk there just not finished with it.



Mel LeForbes


I understand your frustration. The IRS is not a business and is not expected to work like one.

The IRS computers and notices are correct, statistically, less than 50% of the time. For the Service to verify errors of its own doing, sometimes it does take an extended period of time. One case I am working on right now has been trying to get resolved for more than 18 months, not just weeks.

If they are not actively taking collection action, then usually, there is nothing to do but wait. If they are taking collection action, such as levying a bank account or creating a lien, then you have SPECIFIC rights and a course of action to stop them from doing so while they verify the debt.

If they are sending threatening letters to take action, take the course that they ARE enforcing collections and taking action. This means you need to either A) Contact the IRS yourself and make them prove your debt; B) Contact the IRS Taxpayer Advocate, which is an independent group dedicated to resolving taxpayer issues of this type, or C) Hire a representative to get to the bottom of it.

So, again, if you are NOT getting letters, then let the IRS research run its course.

And yes, I DO insist it is something you are not telling me. Collections does not happen in a vacuum.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK thanks you gave me my answer now (Taxpayer Advocate) I will contact them, that seems as my only hope to get this some what resolved as far as me giving them money. until they resolved this one way or another.


Thanks for your help.


OK, good luck.

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