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Concerning the FTBs cash value of lodging, for a household

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Concerning the FTB's cash value of lodging, for a household employee @
minimum per week $39.10 and maximum per month $1,206. How do you
calculate the value of the lodging?
Lodging is for the convenience of the employer.
Thank you,

Robin D. :

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer,

Personal Income Tax (PIT) wages are cash and noncash payments subject to state income tax. (Wages that must be reported on an individual’s California income tax return are PIT wages.) Most payments for household employees’ services should be reported as PIT wages.

To calculate the value of lodging, multiply the amount you could rent the property for (ordinary
rental value) by 66 2/3 percent (0.6667). Ordinary rental value may be calculated on a monthly or
weekly basis. The table below shows the minimum and maximum amounts to report for lodging.
Value of Lodging
Year Minimum per Week Maximum per Month
2013 $ 39.90 $ 1,224
2012 $ 39.10 $ 1,206
2011 $ 38.70 $ 1,193
2010 $ 38.60 $ 1,190

CA FTB has a handy booklet for Household employers

Robin D. :

By month it would be $804.04 (1206 x .6667)

Robin D. :

By the minimum per week would be $26.08 (39.10 x .6667)

Robin D. :

If you were to rent the room a fair market value it cannot be for less than the Week amount published by the FTB and not more than the Max per month.

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