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During previous discussion I indicated that CY 2011 was the

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During previous discussion I indicated that CY 2011 was the first time we had submitted our 1040 return using a 8833 as an attachment. Review of our CY 2011 return indicates that I overread requirements: checked too many of the three questions in the upper third of the 8833 and included a form 8840 as weii. As we do not need to include 8840 with our tax reurns, do we need to submit a 1040X correction deleting use of the 8840 in CY 2011 return? Such 1040X would not change any monetary entries on the CY 2011 tax return.



Even though there is no dollar change some taxpayers do prefer to file an amended return to correct the record and have on file the complete corrected tax return.


Other taxpayers prefer not to take the time and effort to file such changes and opt to simply keep the correct and complete information in their records if there is any future question on the return.


Since there is no dollar change and the form mentioned is not one which would be required each year providing an amended return will only allow the return to be changed to not include the form.


Any penalty on examination or later revision of a filed tax return is based on the deficiency, or difference between the amount paid in and the later corrected tax, so there is no penalty for not amending a return only to change the forms included.


Having included a form that provides more than the required information would not cause any change if later discovered to be in error only for the extra form.


You will have to decide if you prefer to file an amended return to try to remove the form with extra information (but that form would still exist in the originally field return).


Send the 1040X if you prefer but know there is no later consequence if you do not.


Please ask if you need more discussion or clarification.


Thank you.

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