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Megan C
Megan C, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Category: Tax
Satisfied Customers: 16576
Experience:  Licensed CPA, CFE, CMA, CGMA who teaches accounting courses at Master's Level
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We are trying to for Devore does the taxes for a thanks for

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We are trying to for Devore does the taxes for a thanks for being with27 years.and one other question who pays taxes

MyVirtualCPA :

Hello! I am a CPA here to assist you with your tax questions. My goal is to provide you with excellent service today.

MyVirtualCPA :

Could you please clarify your question?

Customer: Do guys have a scamp gaining sine no phone yo call. And I'm shrewd so bad that I may have 100 left
MyVirtualCPA :

I'm truly sorry ...we are not a scam. We are here to answer any question you may have but we do not call on the phone.

Customer: Ok husband did 26 years of service . Met and has I chid over now he asked for divored and we are doing the work since there is much.he lives in hawaii I'm moving marylad does my half of his retire met will decock from Maryland or since hi I'd paying out of hawaii will I get hawaii taxes or maryland
MyVirtualCPA :

You would be taxed where you live, which would be Maryland

MyVirtualCPA :

Also, the property settlement in the divorce is not taxable - but alimony and portion of his retirement is

Customer: Zany idea how much in taxes they deduct
Customer: Sorry sick hard to do this and handycap
MyVirtualCPA :

How much tax you have to pay depends on your income

Customer: I'll get from government 1998.00 allamony 2000.oo for three years than 1000.00. For 4years
MyVirtualCPA :

The $1,998 is from his retirement? Is that in addition to alimony

Customer: Tis 4000 but half in too than minues taxes
MyVirtualCPA :

Okay - is this per month?

MyVirtualCPA :

So you would get $48,000 per year?

Customer: yes half of his rei
Customer: retirement 1998
MyVirtualCPA :

Okay let me run that through a calculator

Customer: and allimony is separate he said 2000 for three years
MyVirtualCPA :

okay so you get $48,000 from his retirement and $24,000 from him?

Customer: Is hits retirement
Customer: three years 2000 minuses taxes
Customer: Next 4 years is 1000 minus taxs
MyVirtualCPA :

Okay so you get $2,000 a month less taxes

Customer: Retirement always have unless remarried or have a steady boyfriend than they take it away
Customer: The 2000 is for 3 years a month minuse taxes
MyVirtualCPA :

So, you get $1,998 from his retirement, and then another $2,000 per month - I just want to make sure I do the right calculations

Customer: Yes 24000 from government retirement than minus taxes
MyVirtualCPA :

and $24,000 from alimony

Customer: 24000 yes but ill always get that if I don't remarried or boyfriend
Customer: He offered I don't have any skills 2000 a month for 3 years plus that as of today docs don't for see me working even luck a year they think ill be this way
MyVirtualCPA :

Okay so you want to know how much taxes you will pay on this income

Customer: The 2000 are allimony for in total 7 years -----3 years than 1. For the remained 4
MyVirtualCPA :


Customer: Yes i think I tried to do it last message
MyVirtualCPA :


MyVirtualCPA :

Your annual tax will be $5,600 total

Customer: Yes for three years and the last of aliomy for1000 minues taxes and than no more allomy
MyVirtualCPA :

Yes, your annual tax is $5,600

Customer: and I only want the 55 dollar one I didn't know how cost worked than saw 3 differance pay 45. 55 1000 I can only do 55 sorry
MyVirtualCPA :

That's fine. I see that you paid $45 for this question. That's all you will be charged

Customer: Thanks for help if I need more will ask
MyVirtualCPA :

Yes, just come back to this page and I will answer your follow up questions without further charge

Customer: Because that's what 55 allows me to do and how long
MyVirtualCPA :

Until you close the question.

MyVirtualCPA :

If you would, please rate my response as "excellent" using the rating feature along the bottom of the screen

MyVirtualCPA :

This is the only way I receive credit for helping you today

Customer: Ok let me think just so slow sorry
Megan C and other Tax Specialists are ready to help you
Thanks Carissa for your positive rating. Please come back and visit MyVirtualCPA for any of your tax finance and social security questions. It was a pleasure working with you today

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