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I filed my 2007-2010 federal taxes late due to extensive hospitalization

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I filed my 2007-2010 federal taxes late due to extensive hospitalization a. I owed some money. I filed 2011 on time and just amended 2011 and just rifled 2012. I'm due a net refund after filing 2012. How long will it take the IRS to process my 2011 amended return and my 2012 rifled return, reconcile them with the amount I owed and deposit my refund? I e filed 2012 today Abd submitted amended 2011 today, as well.

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Typically the processing time for an amended return is 8-12 weeks for the IRS. In some cases it could take a bit longer. As for the processing of your 2012 return, since you efiled the 2012, the processing time is usually between 8-10 days (if due a refund, it would usually be deposited in account by that time if direct deposit). Paper check takes about a week longer. However, as you have an unpaid balance and your 2012 return will be processed before the 2011 amended return, expect them to credit the refund from 2012 to the past due balance.


Sending in the 2011 amended return and submitting the 2012 return this close together will likely cause some confusion for the IRS. Here's why, they are going to process the 2012 quicker since it was e-filed. Since you have an unpaid balance, will apply your 2012 refund to the unpaid balance. Now as for the 2011 amended return, once they process it, and if it shows that they owe you money, they will send you a check. I would venture to say that you're easily looking at 2.5- 3 mos. before everything is reconciled.

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