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Phillip B, EA
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Hi,I use TurboTax to file my state and local taxes. Today

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Hi, I use TurboTax to file my state and local taxes. Today I get a notice from a collection agency that I owe $2,000 in unpaid school district taxes for 2009 and 2010. The returns generated by TurboTax do not say I owe anything other than what was already taken out by the state. Also, the letter I received says they expect the payment within 30 days or additional penalties and interest will be incurred. So, if possible, could a TurboTax warranty cover this? If not, is there some other way to settle on paying a value less than the $2,028.19 specified in the collection letter? Thanks

Thanks for choosing! I will do my best to provide you with clear and concise answer to your tax problem based on the information that you have provided.

Unfortunately TurboTax doesn't cover local and school district returns under their warranties. You can contact the TurboTax customer service line (with some major complaining, and the phrase "I will not use TurboTax again") to see if they can provide you some discounts on future year products or a refund of the purchase price, but that would be the best result that you can hope from them.

I would recommend contacting the school district with your story (be as dramatic as you can, sad stories can help) to see if the fact that you relied on TurboTax to prepare and file the school district returns properly provides you with any penalty relief, and if they can arrange a payment plan. As a whole school district tax agencies don't settle the way the IRS does, but hiring a local CPA or enrolled agent to help you negotiate your situation could help you reach the best outcome possible.

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