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PDtax, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Category: Tax
Satisfied Customers: 4553
Experience:  35 years tax experience, including four years at a Big 4 firm.
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My ex-husband stuck me with a huge tax bill. How do I find

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My ex-husband stuck me with a huge tax bill. How do I find him?

rakhivasavada :

Dear Friend,

Hello and welcome. Thank you for using Just Answer.

I am sorry to hear about your situation. However, there are some methods that you should try out and see if you can find him.

rakhivasavada :

If you can reach out to any of his family members, ask them for your ex-husband's contact information. This might be quickest way to find your ex-husband. Chances are high that your ex-husband's family will know where he is and will be able to assist you in finding him.

Secondly, if you have little idea in which area he is likely to be found, Contact the local municipal court. If your ex-husband still lives in the same area and has had any traffic violations or parking tickets, they would be a matter of public records. This tells you if he still lives in the same general area.

Thirdly, Try running a check on the phone book

Fourthly, There are sites which help you track people. You can try there as well.

rakhivasavada :

The other such sites are ::

rakhivasavada :

If all of this fail, hire a private investigator. Private investigators make their living tracking people down. They may be expensive, but they can bring results.

rakhivasavada :

Are you there ? Is there anything more I can help you with ?


I'm here. I was just trying again the links you provided. I have tried all the obvious ways, e.g., white pages, people search, pipl, etc. He's probably employed and in contact with his kids. None of his relatives will provide information to me.


Please, I'm looking for help beyond the really obvious. Do you have any ideas?


Really, how hard can this be? He's alive, in the US, and probably local. the IRS just won't expend the energy, but I need to tell them where he is.



rakhivasavada :

Just a moment please...

rakhivasavada :

Sorry I had to attend a phone.

I understand that this can be hard. But not very hard if the money involved is too much.



rakhivasavada :

I understand you are trying to go beyond obvious. In that case hiring private investigator should work out for you. That is the only way I can suggest at this point. He will definitely find him


What would a PI do?

rakhivasavada :

They have their own method of working. Let me try and and throw some light on that as well.

rakhivasavada :

You will give him all the details (no matter how old they are and in what quantity they are) Based on that, they will try and track him down. Even if you give him as little as your ex last known address, or his last employment details, or something like information of his friend and family, this would be enough for him to track him down. They have their good network of people working for them and they work in disguise.

rakhivasavada :

They will fetch you the required information.


So your response is that you cannot help, right? That I must hire someone else, and you have no resources that can help me? Not trying to be hostile; it seems that this is an issue for which you can offer no help other than to suggest I try someone else.

rakhivasavada :

Wait a minute madam.. I see some misunderstanding here...

rakhivasavada :

We at Just Answer can just point you in the right direction. We cannot directly offer help. We are not investigators, not government office, not customer care, etc.

We are just group of expert who can offer you best possible advice going by your situation. Such advice can be financial, legal etc. We can point you in a right direction.

This site works on "Honor Policy". Once the customer is satisfied with the solution / suggestion / advice, he has to rate us positively and ONLY THEN we receive credit for spending time and assisting you.


Got it. No misunderstanding. You can tell me to go somewhere else because you can't answer the question. That's fair enough--no one knows everything!

rakhivasavada :

No, still some gap remains in what I try to convey and what you understand. It is not that we do not know. I KNOW that only option left with you is to hire an investigator. His fees would be worth it if the tax bill is rally huge.

Since we are not investigators ourselves, we can direct you to best possible option.


Hey! I just hoped that you could offer something beyond the obvious, and I was wrong. I know you tried your best, XXXXX XXXXX best is that I should contact someone else; this is beyond your scope. Thank you for your efforts, truly. Since you were engaged in another conversation at this time, my declining the charge should make no difference.
Again, I thank you for your attention, and I'm sorry that I looked in the wrong place for help.

rakhivasavada :

We cannot engage ourselves in any other conversation while we interact.

Thank you and wish you good luck.


"Just a moment please...

id="JA_chatMessage_10" class="JA_chatMessage JA_persBActive">

4:58 AM

Sorry I had to attend a phone."


That's what you said.

rakhivasavada :

yes, that right. While online, we CANNOT chat with two people.

However, it is completely your prerogative to rate positively or not.

I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX good luck and hope you deal with your problem successfully.

Welcome to the site. Different Expert here.

Can I ask a couple of questions about the tax debt? The tax years in question, the kind of taxes due would help. There may be options you have to escape the tax debts other than locating your ex.

Also, I know my ex could be located with her social security number on our divorce papers or the joint tax returns we filed. The courthouse will have the divorce file, with the social security number.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

2002-2012. 1040. I have his SS#, but there is apparently no current address for him.

Were these returns filed recently, like a big catch up filing during the divorce? Or have these debts been piling up for a while? It's likely too late to amend joint filings to married separate, but there are settlement options for tax debts.

I know people who have 'gone off the grid' to deal with child support, tax debts, or other problems. By working for themselves, or for cash, they don't enroll in payroll withholding or otherwise show up 'in the system'. If that is the case, the tax pros here to help might not have those answers.

Just for a test, I typed my ex's social into google, and several search sites popped up, each of which promised a report, address, and background information. I had heard it was easy to locate someone, but didn't realize just how much was available, and quickly.

If it's the tax debt you need help with, I have more to offer.

There are a number of different ways to manage the tax debt so IRS leaves you alone and just pursues him. If his social security number is XXXXX they can locate him easily. In cases of joint tax liability like yours, they sometimes don't, since it's often easier to try and get $ from one party.

Things like innocent spouse relief, equitable relief, Offer in compromise, even bankruptcy can release tax debts. Choice of which would be best depends on your facts and circumstances.

If it is indeed locating your ex that you want help with, advise and I will try to redirect your question. If you want some options for dealing with IRS, I'm your man.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Short version: it's a bunch of returns filed to catch up. I already have a deal worked out with the IRS for MFS returns. One year, 2006, seems to be the bugaboo. They can find me and don't want to look for him. He's probably still on the books somewhere. I guess what I really want is to find him, since no one else will do so, and give the IRS his address so they can go after him. Dealing with the IRS is not a problem for me: I'm an accountant and they really don't scare me. I just want to help them go after him for his debt instead of me.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OH! And I will certainly give you a good rating if you can tell me something useful!

If joint returns have been filed, they can't be amended to MFS. But you probably know that.

The 2006 return you have filed sounds like MFJ, and IRS is presenting/pursuing you because they are. You should know that they often don't pursue the other party, especially if it looks like you can pay. do not rely on them telling you they aren't going to pursue him, just keep in mind that if he is 'off the grid' all they will do is put an alert on his social in their computers if/when a W-2 pops up.

Locating someone in your case may be harder, but I bet the DMV would have his driver's license information. Vehicle registration too. Same with the car insurance company he used. Life insurance policy. Even his divorce attorney might have useful information.

I might even consider getting a small claims judgment against him for any unpaid items in your divorce. A default judgment would allow you certain legal rights in pursuit of his location. An attorney is better able to address these issues for you.

If there is a debt due you, for alimony or child support, private locators can pursue where others can't or won't. There is a cost, but having a valid judgment might be a viable first step in your pursuit.

As you likely also know, a 2006 tax debt would be dischargeable in bankruptcy once it has been assessed for 240 days. A bankruptcy filing, or even the veiled threat of one, can be an awesome way to wipe out nagging tax debts.

Please advise if you want more specific tax advice. I'm PDtax.
PDtax, Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Category: Tax
Satisfied Customers: 4553
Experience: 35 years tax experience, including four years at a Big 4 firm.
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