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I live in MA and work in CT. My employer is saying since Im

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I live in MA and work in CT. My employer is saying since I'm not making that much, that no CT tax will be taken out. I know this is wrong since I have done this before. I know there is a percentage that should be taken out for CT. Help?????


Hi and welcome to Just Answer!
You withholding in Connecticut is based on how you filled Form CT-W4 Employee’s Withholding Certificate -
Based on your filing - your employer will follow rules outlined in Connecticut Circular CT Employer's Tax Guide -
If you provide information from your form CT-W4 - I will verify if your employer is correct or not.
Regardless if your employer is correct or not - you may request additional withholding on form CT-W4 line 2. For instance - you may request $10 withholding for each pay period - and if you are paid weekly - that will be $520 withholding even otherwise - there is no withholding.


So if you filed CT-W4 form as Single with withholding code = "E" - means - your expected annual gross income is less than or equal to $14,000 and no withholding is necessary - than there should not be any withholding.
However - if you selected withholding code = "D" - means - you are a nonresident of Connecticut with substantial other income - then your employer must withhold CT income taxes.

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