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Robin D.
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I will be working on a fishing boat this summer and am wondering

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I will be working on a fishing boat this summer and am wondering if I can deduct food/lodging as I will be working away from my residence. This is a day fishery so I will be coming back to town daily. We also will be fishing only three days per week...that is all that is allowed in this fishery. I am from Florida and will be working in Washington. Can I deduct a per diem allowance for food? How about lodging...will be renting an apartment. Thanks.....Steve

Robin D :

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer,
If you will be working in Washington then that will be considered your tax home. Your tax home is where you are employed or assigned to work and not necessarily your personal residence. You would be allowed to use any costs that you are required to pay or that are subtracted from your pay (or your portion of the profits form the catch).
If you are supplied meals on the boat then you would not be allowed to use that cost unless you were required to pay.
Your lodging would not be allowed unless you were temporarily assigned to the area by your employer. Example: you work in Florida and were sent to Washington for a temporary time (less than 1 year).

Robin D :

There some expenses that you would be allowed.

Robin D :

The following are examples of deductible expenses:
Gear and supplies, including rain gear,
gloves, and boots
Business telephone
Airfare and travel expenses to and
from port
Out-of-port lodging and meals
Boat expenses such as galley
provisions, fuel, and unloading
fees (if taken directly from your

Robin D :

This is a worksheet for crewmembers that assists in tracking expenses;

Customer: Thanks for the help Robin. I assume that out-of-port lodging and meals would include any rent paid for an apartment/hotel and meals eaten at a restaurant. If I rent an apartment could I write off the rent and any food that I purchased to cook at the rented apartment? Thanks!!!! Everything else seems clear to me. Steve
Robin D :

Out of port refers to a port that is not the home port of the boat. So if the boat stops at any port that is not the home port of the boat and you have to pay for your own expenses, then yes. You can not use the rent you will pay to stay in port while you are off the boat while the boat is not away from it's home port.

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