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Hello ,I filed this year tax return(married filing joint

Customer Question

Hello , I filed this year tax return(married filing joint return) along with W7 application for my wife and daughter for getting ITIN . Since we were not comfortable in sending passport for ITIN application , We went to Baltimore IRS office which is an In Person verification center to submit W7 and tax return. We submitted it and after a month I got a mail from ITIN unit saying W7 application is on hold since original passport is not send for verification . We again went to Baltimore and the IRS agent resubmitted the application again , but sad to say after a month we got an mail from ITIN Unit saying my dependent application got rejected and they send my 1040 to IRS to process my return . Sad story didn't ended there a week back I got a mail from IRS with a green form 3531 and copy of 1040 saying original signature is missing in the 1040 . The 1040 was a photocopy of my original one which i submitted initially along with w7 . In the 1040 it says ITIN rejected in the ITIN space. Now I dont what to do . If I generate a new 1040 and sign it they may say where is the ITIN since ITIN space will be empty . I am planning to start the process once gain like submitting w7 , fresh 1040 along with original passport will that help ?

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Barbara replied 4 years ago.

Welcome and thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you with your tax question.


My best advice to you would be to visit the IRS office you originally visited and request to speak to a supervisor. Explain to the supervisor exactly what you have detailed in your question. Be sure to bring all of the letters that you received from the IRS up until this point. If they can provide you with any documentation regarding your visits, so much the better. Again, resubmit your original 1040 (signed) with all of the documentation generated up until this point.


I know this will be quite time consuming and extra work, but it will be worth it in the long run to get this straightened out--sooner rather than later.


Please let me now if you require further information. Thank you and best regards.

Expert:  Barbara replied 4 years ago.
Please let me know if I can assist you further with your question. If not, please take a moment to rate my answer since that is an important part of being an expert on JustAnswer, and I strive for excellence.

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