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I am a small business owner in Texas and would like to hire

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I am a small business owner in Texas and would like to hire an outside bookkeeper since my CPA firm charges inflated fees for bookkeeping. However, they are refusing to release last year's books and/or a QuickBooks file so that the new bookkeeper can take over.

A CPA told me they are in violation of AICPA Rule 501-1 which requires them to release those records to me for a reasonable fee. However, is this incorporated and/or binding in Texas? A similar rule appears to exist in the Uniform Accountancy Act, section 19(b) and (c). However, Rule 501.76 of the Texas Administrative Code has me confused - I don't know exactly what it says!

The botXXXXX XXXXXne is that I have no records, no books, and am already under a reserve with one of my credit card processors for failure to provide current financials upon request. I need to get either my books or simply a QuickBooks export from the CPA firm.

What does the law and/or other rules say on this?

MyVirtualCPA : Thank you for your question, and thanks for using
MyVirtualCPA : Your CPA is in violation of Rule 501.76 and the AICPA rule 501-1.
MyVirtualCPA : Rule 501.76 means that the CPA must give you back your records after you make a reasonable request
MyVirtualCPA : Your records include your books
MyVirtualCPA : They cannot withhold your information from you, provided that you are current in your fees
MyVirtualCPA : You can make a complaint against this CPA
MyVirtualCPA :
MyVirtualCPA : There's the information on how to do that. Write a letter to your board of accountancy outlining the reasons you are making the complaint
MyVirtualCPA : Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Thank you for your opportunity to assist. Please take a moment to review my response, and then follow up using the reply button below. If you are satisfied with the information I have given, please rate my response as "excellent" so that I may receive credit for assisting you today. Thanks again.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you! One last question: What I am requesting from them are last year's QuickBooks file(s), and/or an export or printout of the books they prepared, so that a new bookkeeping service can take over. Do these rules still apply?


It seems like they're trying to hold me hostage since lacking this information, the new bookkeeper will need to re-create last year, driving my fees up.




I'm truly sorry you are going through this. They should give you, at minimum, a copy of your financial statements. It would be good business practice to give a quickbooks extract, but the extract would not be required. A hard copy of your financial statements and general ledger would be something that they would be required to give you, provided that you were current with your fees.

They would have to give you anything you gave them back (such as bank statements) even if you were behind on your fees.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX rate my response once you are satisfied with our communication, so that I may receive credit for assisting.
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