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My company took out AZ state income tax from my paycheck for

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My company took out AZ state income tax from my paycheck for the entire 2012 year and continued until this last paycheck to take it out of my paycheck. My company should have stopped taking AZ state tax out of my check sometime around 7/21/12, when I moved to Michigan. My W2 reported to Arizona in Box 16 that my state wages were 119315.39 when that should have been 71171.23. My Michigan Box 16 was 48144.16. My company will not help clear up last years mistake but they have changed my work location to Michigan so the taxes to AZ should stop. How do I get AZ to agree that my tax obligation to them should have ended when I moved last year in July? I itemized my federal taxes with all of the moving expenses on it.

Robin D :

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer,
You will be filing a part year return for AZ anyway (because you were there or worked there till July). On your part year return you will be able to prorate the correct amount.

Robin D :

If you here from AZ about the discrepancy you would be asked to show proof that you were not in or worked in AZ after the July date. You can send a statement with the AZ return if you wish.

Robin D :

If you hear* sorry

Robin D :

You would be able to use a copy of the MICH return too showing your part year status.


Thank you very much.

Robin D :

Your positive rating is always thanks enough.

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