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Category: Tax
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Ive already submitted my question when I first logged on.

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I've already submitted my question when I first logged on. I'll try to remember what I wrote: I am finished with my return except for a question about K1. The program insists that I must input the payer and the tax ID. I have not received ANY K1's and I don't know how to input that info and get rid of the repeating question. In my attempt to find a way I opened several questions about K1's and they all captured me and now I have 4 sites wanting K1 info. I have NONE. How do I resolve this? Herb [email protected]

NPVAdvisor :

Hi Herb, I can help you here, but you'll have to catch me up a bit ..... I have no way of know what the previous question said ... typically the program would be asking your for K-1 info if you were a partner in a partnership, a member of a multi-member LLC (more than one owner) of a sharholder of an S-Corp ... DO qny of those apply?

NPVAdvisor :

If NON od, then you may have inadvertently answered a question in the interview as if that were true

NPVAdvisor :

What you can do it go to manual entry (save your work first, of course) and go to that section and delete those entries (again going all the back tt the beginning, where you can choose "interview" or "manual entry"

NPVAdvisor :

Are you there?

NPVAdvisor :

I still don't see you coming into the chat

NPVAdvisor :

I'll switch to the "Question & Answer mode" ... Maybe that will help.

NPVAdvisor :


NPVAdvisor :

First, again, do any of those statues LLc/w more than one owner, S-Corp or partner apply to you?

Customer :

hello - going in and trying to delete is what got me to having FOUR k1 questions from one. How do I delete?

NPVAdvisor :

This is turbo-tax?

NPVAdvisor :

If this is Turbo-tax, you wan't to get out of the program completely, the start back up, then when you first choose a return to work on (probably only one there) you should be able to choose manual entry vs interview .... this time choose intervies and go dwn the list to the K-1 section and ou should be able to delete

NPVAdvisor :


NPVAdvisor :

Choos MANUAL entry

NPVAdvisor :

THEN, go down the list of sections ... should be income, and go back through entry by entry and delete or answer NO this time

Customer :

I'll try - will you stay on or can I get back to you?

NPVAdvisor :

here's the best way to do that .... I'll switch ti Q&A mode and then you can come back as many time as you like ... ust bookmark this page OK?

NPVAdvisor :

(we can't talk in real0time chat ... but we can still go back and orth with a dialogue of questions and answers until we get there

NPVAdvisor :

make sense?

Customer :

Did not work - it asks me to fill in name and ID number AGAIN.

Customer :

I can say "NO" all I want, but it will not go away. Nowhere can I find a "delete". I am about to have supper. Can we continue this later or tomorrow?


We're in Q&A now ... just come back here, whenever you need to.


Herb ... if it's asking you to fill out ID number again,

THen you're back into the entry

You won't to do one of two things.

(1) get out of the interview and go to manual entry so you can dealt the whole income section


(2) even better, because you may just do whatever you're doing to get it to go to that next screen, where it's asking for the tax ID number.

GO to the previous screen and answer in the opposite way that you answered ... or better yet, tell me what it's asking that makes it try to input a K-1.

Again if you are shareholder of an S-Corp, a partner in a partnership or one of a multi-member LLC THERE SHOULD BE a K-1.

Let me know.



If you will tell me which software package you're using (that may have been in the original question, which I did not see).

And which version (Turbotax Premier) TurboTax home and business, H&R Block Online, Tax Cut, etc.)

I can be doing some homework.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Allright - I have Tubo Tax federal & state Deluxe.

When I do a review I get 4 invalid K1 entries, 2 of which point to Partner's share of income, and 1 of which points to shareholders share of income and 1 points to estates & trust.

When they show up on the review, they only call for the form to be completed and don't allow me to delete.

I have gone back to manual input of income, and indicated they are not valid, but they don't go away.



Good Morning Herb.

I think I've found something that might help

This Intuit (turbotax's publisher) article discusses two different methods of deleting unwanted forms.

(1) deleting in summary view, and
(2) manually deleting.

I think because we can't do screenshots we can't do here, reading this might be just what you need.

See this:

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Thanks for the rating Herb.

Hope that helped


To ask for me again, just go here: NPVAdviso

And enter your question in the question box

Thanks again,