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I am an individual/company attending a training course in Brussels,

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I am an individual/company attending a training course in Brussels, Belgium and I am coming from/reside in Abu Dhabi, United Arab I liable to pay the VAT tax that they are charging me?

LEV : Hi and welcome to Just Answer! The answer is - yes - Holding live exhibitions, events or training in Belgium are subject of VAT. So based on your information VAT is charged correctly.

Ok so it is irrespective of where I am resident of? The VAT gets charged because the course/service has taken place in the EU?

LEV : See for reference
LEV : Yes -VAT is based where services are provided - not based on your residency.
LEV : Sorry if you expected differently.

The reason I was asking is because we send our employees to various training courses in the EU. And this institute was the only one charging VAT on top of it's fee.


So it could be that the other institutes include the VAT hidden in their total amount in their invoice.

LEV : As we know services are subject of VAT. It is hard to tell why any specific provider does not charge VAT.

Ok. Thanks for your help.

LEV : In the publication I referenced above - see page 9. - Services with regard to cultural, artistic, sporting, scientific, educational, entertainment, and similar activities, along with the ancillary services (taxable in the country where those activities are physically carried out).

Yes I was just looking at it. Seems clear now.

LEV : Sorry if you expected differently.

No it's fine. I just wanted to make sure they're not incorrectly claiming their VAT. I was hesitant paying the VAT because I didn't see that charge from other training institutes.

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