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Hi XXXXX and I used separate accountants last year

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Hi XXXXX and I used separate accountants last year we filed separate but married as he had some taxes issues, we should have used the same accountant can we amend it with the accountant this year to reflect the same accountant

LEV : Hi and welcome to Just Answer!
LEV : You are not required to use the same accountant - tmhat
LEV : That is your choice...
LEV : However if you made mistakes - you do need to amend your tax return - use form 1040x for that.

We are filing for our greencard and we did need to use the same person on this occasion, how can we change this


and will the amendment show the same accountant

LEV : There is no such requirement to use the same accountant. Are you trying to change your tax return to joint?

no we just should have used the same accountant how can we change this

LEV : Do you mean the same bank account to deposit your refund?

no the same accountant, we were told we should have done that, so if we make an amendment will it reflect the same accountant, basically what we need is to have visited the same accountant due to time, and not agreeing on the same accountant we ended up using different accountants my friend and his long term accountant, but we should have used the same one for green card purposes, If we make amendment will it reflect the same accountant. Sorry for the confusion, and I hope your having a good night

LEV : Yes if you amend your tax return and amended return will be prepared by a different accountant - that accountant will sign the tax return. So you may use the same accountant as your spouse.

o great lev and I can still do this for last year, I mean I still have time to do this, last question I promise.

LEV : Sorry for original confusion. I understand your intention now. See form 1040 X - At the bottom - there're is a signature of a paid preparer and name

ok great so im good right?

LEV : See also PTIN - that is an identification of the tax prepare - so your and your spouse's tax returns will have the same PTIN

so I can take care of this right?, when the only change I need is to have them prepared by the same accountant, they will allow this to happen?

LEV : Generally on the form 1040x you need to provide areas on of amending. When you will discuss with your accountant - he/she will help you with wording. Amending just because of changing an accountant doesn't sound as a normal reason. I am sure your accountant will find acceptable reason.

thank u

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