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I got married in 2011 but filed as single for my 2011 tax year.

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I got married in 2011 but filed as single for my 2011 tax year. Im busy filing my 2012 taxes and I am not sure whether to file as single or married filing separately...I separated from my husband towards the end of 2012 and am awaiting divorce. How should I file?
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If you are married, legally you can only file either married filing jointly, or married filing separately. As you live in a community property state, it is more of a hassle to file married filing separately, rather than jointly, but as you have separated from your husband, filing married filing separately is likely the better way for you to go. Note that you are required to include 1/2 his income information on your tax return, as he will have to do the same on his return. You can refer to the IRS Pub 555 that relates to taxation in community property states.

Link to Pub 555:

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance to you regarding this matter.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Attachment: 2013-03-01_080623_screen_dump.docx

I am busy trying to do my return now and I dont understand why it is showing that I will only get about $500 back. My income was about $1200 for the year but my deductions were in excess of $9000. This doesnt make any sense. Does this sound right to you? I have attached the summary that the H and R Block online program is showing.

Hello again Natasha,

Sorry that I was not able to respond sooner, I was away from the computer. Unfortunately, I am unable to view the attachment, however that does not mean that someone else would not be able to. This is a public forum and some of these questions become visible to the general public on multiple search engines. As I don't know what type of information is shown on the attachment, I am going to request customer service blot out this information.

Explanation, a tax credit reduces a person's tax liability dollar for dollar, whereas a deduction reduces the amount of a person's taxable income, which is used to calculate their tax liability. It is likely that the numbers are correct.

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