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I have a tax question about payroll filings. Suppose the

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I have a tax question about payroll filings.

Suppose the IRS 941's were just barely filed and received by the IRS. The electronic filing deadline was missed so they were mailed in.

The Business Payroll filing with for the W2 reports was just filed today.

How long should employees of this business wait to file their personal 1040's with the IRS to ensure the payroll records have been received and processed by the government considering the employer was really late on filing payroll reports with and the IRS?

Thanks for your question.

The employees do not have to wait to file their tax returns simply because the employer was late in filing reports.

The employees should file their returns when the returns are due (April 15th or by the extended due date if extended). If an employee needs a W-2 to file their personal return and they haven't received it by Jan. 31, they should contact their employer. If they then do not receive it by Feb. 14, the employee should contact the IRS and they will be sent a Form 4852 to file with their return. For reference, see

Best regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Helpful answer and link, but the W-2's are submitted through the website. When the IRS asks the employer for the W-2s are they really asking them to file the paperwork with the Social Security Administration?

Yes. The government copies of the Form W-2's are filed by the employer with the SSA. However, the SSA then shares the data with the IRS. So essentially, when the employer files with the SSA, they are also filing with the IRS.

I'm assuming you must be talking about prior year W-2's. The W-2's for 2012 are not due to be filed with SSA until Feb. 28th, 2013 if paper-filed.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was talking about 2012. I submitted the W-2s online yesterday through The SSA website said it takes 4 weeks to process them. My employees want to know if they can file their taxes now. I was worried my employees would try to file their taxes and the SSA would still be processing my W-2 submissions.

The employees can file their return as soon as they get their employee copy (which was due Jan. 31). They do not have to wait for government processing of these forms.

The SSA may take 4 weeks to process but full IRS processing of W-2's takes over a year usually. The IRS will not start comparing what was reported by the employee versus what was reported on the employer W-2 copies for about a year or two.

Hope this clears this concern for you.



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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Wow, I thought it would be done immediately. Thanks for the helpful details.

You're welcome. Thanks for the positive rating.