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Stephanie B.
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Category: Tax
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If I e-filed a return for the IRS and state through TurboTax

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If I e-filed a return for the IRS and state through TurboTax and they have both been accepted, and I just got another document in the mail I forgot about, what happens to my already accepted refunds through TurboTax? I know I have to fill out the amendment forms and mail them in, but I already had my taxes accepted through e-file. When I mail these forms in, will they just send me a letter saying I owe more and a date to pay it? I am pretty sure I will receive my original refund amounts already.

Stephanie B. :

Thank you for your question.

Your original refund will come to you just as you have filed your original return. When you file your amended return, you need to send payment of your balance due if you owe them money.

Stephanie B. :

If you are getting a refund with the amended return, that will be sent separate from your original filed refund.

Stephanie B. :

As long as you pay your balance due by April 15, 2013, you will not incurr any penalties or interest.

Stephanie B. :

If you need further clarification, please let me know.

I look forward to your response.


Customer: One more question: if i file my amended by mail and wait to see if my calculations are correct and not send payment, will they just send me a notice with the amount owed and a due date?

They will send you a notice but it may take them a while to send it. It may be after the due date of the return, which would result in penalties and interest. It is best if you send the payment with the amended return. If your calculations are not correct, let them send you notice then but at least you would have paid what you think is correct.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Alright, thanks so much! I can breathe a little easier. This doesn't seem as much of a hassle as I first thought! Simple enough!

Good. I am glad to hear that!

You are very welcome.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

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