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Question My taxes and home for six years has been out of

Customer Question

My taxes and home for six years has been out of nevada. I have a home and a home loan with a nevada bank. The company i work for is out of nevada. I am sent out of state to alaska to work for a month at a time. I spend summer in maine where i have another home and live there for three months a year. Last summer i was pulled over and told by police to register a truck and get a maine license via a ticket.
Can i get a po box in alaska and use that as my domicil or keep using nevada?
Six months alaska
Three months maine
Three months nevada
Or out of country.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Robin D. replied 4 years ago.
Robin D :

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer,

Robin D :

For tax purposes, you are a statutory resident of Maine if:
1. you spent more than 183 days in Maine during the tax year (any portion of a day
is counted as a full day), and
2. you maintained a permanent place of abode in Maine for the entire tax year

Robin D :

As long as you are not in Maine for more than 183 days of the year then you are not a statutory resident. If your driver's lic and vehicles are registered in Nevada, you should not be trying to change the registeration

Robin D :

This would place you under Maine for taxation.

JACUSTOMER-iahh3uyi- : No i was ther for the summer like three months. Did you read my question. I rented my rental home out and lived with my mother. My wife and kids live in sweden where i was the rest of my time off.
Robin D :

I read your response. I was giving you the exact items that show you are not a resident of Maine.

Robin D :

You should keep your domicile or residency in Nevada where it really is. Just getting a PO Box in Alaska is not setting up residency in that state.

Robin D :

As it stands right now you are a nonresident of Maine, a nonresident of Alaska, and a resident of Nevada.

JACUSTOMER-iahh3uyi- : I can not see the answer for the first question.
Robin D :

Can i get a po box in alaska and use that as my domicil or keep using nevada?

This is the first question you asked, the answer is no. A PO box does not determine residency.

Robin D :

Alaska Statute 16.05.405 covers residency for the state. It says that the intent of the individual to make the state their home under a permannet relationship is needed.

Robin D :

permanent sorry

Robin D :

You can not do like you suggested and claim Alaska as your home state becuase of a PO Box. You would need to maintain your main home in the state not just be working there.

Robin D :

Here is the revenue code as well

15 AAC 23.143. Establishing and maintaining Alaska residency

(a) An individual's intent to establish residency, remain indefinitely in Alaska, or to return to Alaska and remain indefinitely is demonstrated through the establishment and maintenance of customary ties indicative of Alaska residency and the absence of those ties elsewhere. Acts that are required by law or contract or are routinely performed by temporary residents of Alaska are not by themselves evidence of residency. In evaluating whether an individual claiming Alaska residency has demonstrated an intent to remain indefinitely in Alaska, the department will consider whether or not an individual has:

(1) taken steps to establish Alaska residency and sever residency in a previous state or country;

(2) ties to another state or country that indicate continued residency in the other state or country; and

(3) taken other action during or subsequent to the qualifying year that is inconsistent with an intent to remain in Alaska indefinitely.

(b) An individual may not become a resident while absent from Alaska.

Robin D :

I hope this information helps you understand that Alaska would not acknowledge residency for you based on the information you have supplied about your situation.