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Here is our question, We are a canadien based company selling

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Here is our question,

We are a canadien based company selling popular chinese electronics. 90% of our sales are in France. Products are dropship from china to customer in france directly nothing come here in Canada. We pay canadian taxes on our annual incomes.

Question is, do we have to register to VAT in France and charge customers 19% european VAT and pay that money to France ? Or since we are not located in europe we don't have to charge vat and pay vat at all.


Hi and welcome to Just Answer!
There are two possible issues (1)registration requirements and (2)collecting VAT requirements.
Registration requirements are based on trading threshold and vary from country to country. In France - nonresidents do NOTrequire any reguistration.
Collecting VAT requirements are based on the value of the commercial shipment:
-below 22 Euros: no duty and no VAT collected.


Hello! Thank you for your answer, so if registration is not requiered should we charge VAT ?


You are not required to charge VAT - but you may want to inform your customers that they might be subject to VAT when items are delivered.


Thank you LEV, Is this chat public or private ?


Information posted on this site is available for general public.
You may request to "hide" it after completing the service.
For that - you need to contact the customer service directly - experts do not have access to your account.

But after that I will not be able to reply or ever see this page.


Thank you very much for this answer!

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