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I would like to know what is the statute of limitations for

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I would like to know what is the statute of limitations for collecting property taxes in Philadelphia? Our nonprofit has received a notice of Sheriff sale for alleged taxes from 10 years ago 1996 to 2004. We have been a nonprofit since 1987 and should have been exempt. Has the statute of limitations run out for the city in regards XXXXX XXXXX matter.

Thank you,

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer,
Pennsylvania real estate tax exemptions are not universally applied to all nonprofit organizations. The General County Assessment Law specifically identifies exempt situations.

These include the following:

- Churches and other places of worship
- Burial places not held or used for private profit
- Hospitals, universities, colleges, seminaries, academies, and associations and institutions of learning, benevolence, and charity -- including fire and rescue stations -- founded, endowed, and maintained by public or private charity (charity should be a Pennsylvania purely public charity)
- Schoolhouses belonging to any county, borough, or school district
- Courthouses and jails
- Nonprofit public parks
- All public property used for public purposes
- Property owned, occupied, and used by veterans' organizations
- Property owned and used by institutions of purely public charity
- Playgrounds founded and maintained by public or private charity
- Free public libraries
- Museums, art galleries, and concert halls provided and maintained by public or private charities for public use and if not operated for profit


If your nonprofit is one of the above then you would want to call the Office of Property Assessment at(NNN) NNN-NNNN Normally a nonprofit would need to apply for their tax exemption by December 31, in order to be eligible for real estate tax exemption for the subsequent year.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ms Robin,


I still have not heard back from you regarding my last reply to you.


please feel free to contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX


Thank you.

John Scarbrough

I apologize but there is no other posting that was sent to me after your initial question.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The reply I sent you was very detailed how try and repeat it.

The RULE is title the city of Philadelphia vs Stukes Center, Inc. Case ID 1208T0098. Court of Common Pleas Dated September 7, 2012 I just received it today it indicates a 15 day limit to file an answer. As I stated earlier. Stukes Center residential healthcare facility and victory shelter programs provides emergency shelter to the severely disabled homeless as well as our soup kitchen program to feed the hungry and homeless since 1987 to date. We did file the application for exemption in 2005 and it was granted. However how attorney at the time filed an appeal to have accrued taxes abated or excused prior to 2005 stating that we were duly operating and providing charitable activities under financial hardships than and now and we also received funding only from the city of Philadelphia for our services and that funding did not include the allowable cost of property taxes .their response was since we did not apply for an exemption that we did not even know existed until 2005 four was not going to exempt or date those prior year taxes .I Then paid over $42,000 in taxes that we felt we did not tell. Now we are being forced to pay over $47,000 in taxes interest and penalties from 1997 to 2004. Again my question is is there a statute of limitations for the city not to be able to collect on a tax this old and if so are there any other alternatives outside of being forced into another payment arrangement that we can get these years exempt or at the very least have the interest and penalties reduced or remove with some type of offer in compromise. I honestly feel that we have been taken advantage of by our city in regards to this and many other matters. I do not have the capacity to handle this case on my own any longer and would appreciate legal counsel if you are available in regards to this matter. The city

has requested. Prmission from the court to put our property up

Sheriff sale if we do not make arrangements to pay for taxes and liens that they did not fund us for providing housing and care to the consumers we contractually care for for them.


thank you for your attention in this matter.



I appreciate your added information. I can advise that the real estate taxes would apply and not collection statute of limitations would apply. The fact that the nonprofit did not apply for exemption would not be a swaying matter. There have been many claims under the same and because the nonprofit did not apply by date required the tax stood. Even after the reinstatement of the nonprofit status (under applicable laws) was made retroactive.

I can only advise that the nonprofit should seek local legal council.