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I am retired and live most of the year in arkansas.I am an

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I am retired and live most of the year in arkansas.I am an alaska resident and have been for 30 years my wife is an arkansas resident as she is still working in arkansas. There is no state income tax in alaska on my federal retirement and the money is deposited in our alaska account that we still have and plan on maintaining.My vehicles are registered in alaska and I remain an alaska voter by absentee vote. We travel too alaska in the summer but do not maintain a home there anymore. Arkansas has a state income tax even on retirees .I do not work in anymore.Am I legal on what we are doing maintaining alaska residence. Thank you Jim
Welcome, THANK YOU for using Just Answer. My goal is to help make your life...a little...LESS taxing.

For tax purposes, certain things come into play when determining your "tax home". SEE BELOW:


Residency is defined as the location of your main home. It's where you go when you come back from vacation or from a temporary job or business trip. It's where you hold a valid driver's license, where your mail is sent, where your immediate family lives, where you enroll your children in school and where you register to vote. The preponderance of connections to a place determines your state of residency. Even though you are still registered to vote in Alaska, this does not make it your tax home for tax purposes.

In brief, if you no longer maintain a home in Alaska, technically, it is not your state of residence for tax purposes.


Please let me know if I can be of further assistance to you regarding this matter.

Thank you again for using JUST ANSWER.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

There are alot of people that live in other states in there rv retired ,that maintain a residence in one of the 13 states that do not have a state income tax for tax purposes.are they illegal????


Illegal may not be the proper word to use here. Not in compliance, yes. SEE BELOW:

Why is an RV domicile important? Declaring an RV home base is extremely important. If you have your address in one state, your RV registered in another, your automobile insurance in a third state, and your driver's license in a fourth state, then you are out of compliance with all states and could face serious fines. In addition, each of the states may claim that you owe state income tax to them, since you may be considered a resident of each.

Some full time RVers already have a domicile. If you own a stick home that you will be keeping or renting out while you are on your RV travel with kids adventure, the state your home is in is your RV domicile. You most likely do not have the ability to change this. If you do not own a home, however, pick the state that fits your interests the best.

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