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i mailed my income tax return to the irs in February, but have

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i mailed my income tax return to the irs in February, but have not received the return. How can i find out if the irs actually received my tax return form?

If you expect a refund, use this website:

It's very easy to use. You just need to pull a couple of numbers off of your tax return.

Also, see this piece fro the Motley Fool website. (Apparently, even if you don't expect a refund, you can use the site to confirm receipt opf return.

I discovered this AM that you can confirm receipt of your return using the IRS "Where's My Refund?" program even if you don't have a refund coming. Just enter $1.00 as the expected refund amount. It should tell you the return has been received and is being processed.

I've always used this program when I was expecting a refund. If no refund was due, I just watched for my check to clear to confirm the return had been received. This year I had no refund due and paid the balance due via EFTPS. Only after I'd mailed the return did it occur to me I wouldn't know if the return wasn't received until a delinquent notice arrived. Happily the IRS program works even when you owe taxes. I'd suggest waiting a couple weeks after mailing before trying it though.

Here's the link:

And finally, as mentioned above, if you paid by check, you can call your bank to see if the check has cleared.

So, that should cover all three possibilities; (1) expecting a refund, (2) paid by check (3) Paid by EFTPS

Hope this helps!


(Positive feedback appreciated, BUT, if you need further clarification, come back here)

Lane and 2 other Tax Specialists are ready to help you

Thanks for the feedback.

Good luck with everything.

If I can find ANY other alternatives, I'll come back here and post.


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