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AnswerCPA, Tax Professional
Category: Tax
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Experience:  Tax professional, corporate and individual tax.
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Need help with phase 2 of office audit with the worst taxman

Customer Question

Need help with phase 2 of office audit with the worst taxman in the world.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  AnswerCPA replied 4 years ago.

AnswerCPA :

Welcome and thank you for your question. Sorry you are going through an Audit, those can be stressful.

I would recommend that you contact a local, reputable CPA (Certified Public Accountant) to assist you with your Audit. A local one is preferable in that you will need to meet with them so they can review any notices you have received and the particulars of the Audit. They can either consult with you and advise you for your next meeting or actually represent you during the Audit. Since you are in North Carolina, you can find a listing of CPA's either by accessing the following;

North Carolina State Board of Certified Public Accountant Examiners: You can search for CPA's at this link and find one in your area.

North Carolina Association of CPA's: They can be contacted at 1-800-722-2836

The CPA will need to be experienced in Tax Matters and Audit representation.

Hope this helps. If I can assist you further please let me know.

If I have been of assistance please rate my service “good” or “excellent”; otherwise please select “reply” or “continue conversation”. The answer is an advisory opinion and not legal or financial advice.

JACUSTOMER-likl18cs- :

I know that. What I need is the name and contact information of someone who I can hire to help.

JACUSTOMER-likl18cs- :

I needed contact information of a tax expert. Instead all I got was "you need a tax expert". Really? I know that. I want my money back.

AnswerCPA :

Thank you for your reply and clarifying your question. Apparently, what I explained in the previous response did not meet your expectations; I'm sorry for that. In order to provide the exact nformation you requested I will need your town or city in NC? I look forward to hearing back from you.

JACUSTOMER-likl18cs- :

Concord, NC

AnswerCPA :

Concord, near Charlotte, that's a pretty part of NC.

Here is a list of CPA's in Concord that specialize in Tax and IRS Audit Representation that you can contact.

Younce & Co. CPA (Charles "Kep" Younce) 704-784-9330
Beth W. Belk, PA CPA (Beth Belk) 704-788-2162
Gordon, Keeter & Co. CPA 704-786-0171

AnswerCPA :

If I have been of assistance can you please rate my service good or excellent; otherwise, please select Reply or Continue Conversation. The answer is an advisory opinion and is not legal or financial advice/ Plus the answer does not endorse, support, warrant or guarantee any products or services of the CPA's or firms listed in this response.