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I am an online retailer who buy furniture from overseas. Today

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I am an online retailer who buy furniture from overseas. Today I've got PA Use Tax due mail, I've used my ssn to import the goods. How do i legally avoid this 6% tax, since i don't charge my customers sales tax.

Thank you for using justanswer. Unfortunately, even internet sales must pay sales/use tax if you have a nexus in any state in the US. Below is information re: online sales in PA

I'm making sales over the Internet. Do I have to collect sales tax on all the sales I make?

If you are selling goods over the Internet and your company has a presence in the state of delivery, your company has established nexus and will be required to register to collect sales tax on all taxable items regardless of method of order placement. Whether the order is placed over the Internet or through traditional means, if a company has nexus with the state in which the product is being shipped, sales tax should be billed and collected. For example, if a Pennsylvania company ships to Pennsylvania, there is nexus, and tax is collected. If the Pennsylvania company ships out of Pennsylvania, whether they collect sales tax or not depends on whether or not they have nexus with the state into which they are shipping.

Here is a link to the sales/use tax for PA.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Please clarify what is Nexus, we are selling from PA to other states and to PA

Nexus is created if your company maintains a temporary or permanent presence of people (employees, service people or independent sales/service agents) or property (inventory, offices, warehouses).

With your business being internet sales, your nexus is considered to be PA since that is the state you live in and where you work out of.

If you are selling to residents of PA, you should be collecting PA sales tax from those residents.

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