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I have been asked by local city division to produce a W2 for

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I have been asked by local city division to produce a W2 for additional income of 1196.10. I dont see this amount in the federal filing copy (W2). But I do see this amount if I subtract Plus GTL from Less Other Cafe in W2 summary. How should I respond to the local city tax division?

Hi and welcome to Just Answer!

If your local city division is asking you to produce a W2 for additional income of $1196.10 - that means there are some reporting of that income to them - I would contact them and ask where this amount came from. It is likely - your employer provided some information - so you may ask your employer for clarification.

Your response would be based on the reason they are asking. Most likely - they "think" that you owe additional local taxes on that amount.

Plus GTL amount should be reported with code "C" on W2 form Box 12. GTL stands for "group term life insurance". If you are insured for more than 50k by your employer, the excess is considered a taxable portion of fringe benefit - that amount should already be included into Box 1.

"Other Cafe" means pre-tax federal deductions - usually cafeteria plans for medical/dental expenses. While most likely - it is not taxable - but you still need to clarify with your local city officials if that amount is considered taxable for local tax purposes.

As you need to reply - just provide then with a copy of your W2 and W2 summary with the statement that you do not have other W2.


Let me know if you need any help,.

Be sure to ask for clarification if needed.

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