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What is reasonable cause for filing form 8832 late?

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What will the IRS accept as reasonable cause for late filing of Form 8832?

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Mistakes by the taxpayer are generally not sufficient. "Reasonable cause" might include the following:

  • Postal Error. Form 8823 was timely mailed, but it was destroyed in the mail and returned to the taxpayer a month later. The taxpayer sent it in again, but this time, it was late.
  • Professional Error. The taxpayer asked a lawyer or CPA to timely submit Form 8823. Solely due to the CPA or lawyer's delay, the form was filed late

There are many reasons that have been accepted though. Here is a link to many that have been used:

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I should have been more specific, we are now filing late because the taxpayer filed Form 8832 on their own and checked the wrong box, so we now have to re-file and check the correct box and explain our reasonable cause. I'm thinking that "they filed on their own thinking they were checking the correct box" but checked the wrong box by mistake. Is that reasonable cause? Any further suggestions?
Yes, I think that excuse would fall under the professional error especially since they were not a professional. I have normally found that the simplest and most direct reasons are the best and have been netter at being accepted.
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