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Store tax sales back taxes gets lien on my home

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before you read the rest, what I really need to know is: How long do I have to pay this lien off? How long before this Lien gest sold? and is a sales tax lien something that can be bought? I've never had anything like this happen before. I thought my LLC standing gave some type of protection from this type of risk. And, I am only one of four partners. It just happens that I am the representative of this company. Further more, our company has been making the payments. 
I am a nj small business owner. We reported to the state that the previous owner had not paid enough sales taxes, so we made arrangements with the state for a payment plan. the original amount being $9,000. The process was sent off to Pioneer Credit Recovery. While making the payments, my company's book keeper was late on apying one of the monthy payments. Just last week, I took out a credit report, and noticed a lien on my property. I called the town the county, and the state where i finally found out that the lean was because of my LLC's back sales taxes. 

I have so many questions. the amount due now is only $3,500. I plan to pay this off in June, but I feel that this collection company has acted in bad faith, and never gave notice of this intent. what can i do? Thank you. Nelson

PDtax :

hi from just answer.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'm sorry. is there a life chat? i've never used your service.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi, is this your answer?

PDtax :
hi from just answer.

as I don't see anything else, and If I accept will this service try to get me for another $59?

states are becoming more aggressive with tax collection, and recently have been engaging private collection companies to pursue collections. It's more frustrating than dealing directly with the state, and most people find the collection people unwilling to work with them or provide any information or do any work to investigate issues. they just want $.

I suggest that you go around Pioneer Credit Recovery and contact NJ directly. I do not believe you have to deal with the bill collectors directly, but can choose to negotiate directly with NJ. You should confirm any efforts or payments made by the business and/or any other owners. You should also confirm your personal liability, since you are not normally personally responsible for interest and penalties charged to the business. Once your personal assessment is made, it will be interest bearing.

The web page ( provides several ways to contact them directly, including electronically today.

You should also review the NJ Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights at to see if there are specific rights that will help your case.

Thanks for asking Just Answer. If you need additional assistance, please ask for me. If this answers your question, please provide positive feedback when you close out your question.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Who owns the Lien if the lien was placed on March 8 th of this year? can this Lien be sold and then I'm looking at paying 18% interest for something that has been paid every month without fail.

Why I really need to know: is my home in imminent danger from these vultures? Being a small business owner has become almsot impossible in this state. I couldn't find anywhere, any information on how quickly the Lien can be sold off, though I did find that with my home's title insurance I have additional protection. Thank you. is a link to a good overview of tax lien sales in NJ. Most states do not sell these liens, because of their short term nature.

The lien is probably still owned by NJ if it was placed that recently. You will be notified if/when their tax lien certificate sale will include this debt.

Your home is not in imminent danger. Once the certificate is sold, after two years, an owner of a tax lien certificate can bring a proceeding in Superior Court to foreclose.

Thanks again from Just Answer.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you. I have sent an email to the state, and thank you for the link to additional information.


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